Does Your IT Partner Work FOR You or WITH You?


Your technology infrastructure can have one of the biggest impacts on your business as compared to just about anything else. When your network is down, your business may as well be closed, as most companies rely on it for just about all of their business processes.

When you have the right applications working to streamline your office, then your business can soar and gain a competitive advantage. Nearly three-quarters of businesses were expected to increase the use of technology for productivity and processes in 2018.

With so much riding on your technology, the firm you choose to partner with for managed IT services can make a big difference in how much your business benefits from technology optimization.

Do you have an IT provider that is just working FOR you or one that works WITH you to enhance your use of technology? We’ll go through the differences next and explain how Enable Technology works WITH you as a trusted advisor in all things IT.

The Provider That Just Works FOR You

The easiest way to understand the difference between an IT partner working FOR you or WITH you is to picture your employees and past employees. Think about some that may be good at doing what they’re told, but they don’t go beyond that to make your company better.

They’re only reactive, meaning you tell them to do something and they do just that and nothing further. They don’t make an effort to enhance their department or your business. This is the same with an IT provider that is working for you instead of with you. They’ll provide you with a paid-for service and not go beyond that.

Enable Technology is proud to be an IT firm that works WITH you and truly cares about making your business better. Instead of only doing what’s asked of us, we look for ways that our knowledge and expertise can enhance your business and offer you advice, solutions and support through our expert IT consulting.

You get much more than just someone coming in to handle a service call. Our Enable Technology experts take the time to learn about your business so we can help you achieve more through the use of technology. Here are a few areas where having a company that works WITH you instead of for you can enhance your business.

IT Due Diligence

If you’re planning a merger or acquisition, how technology and software workflows are managed can have a major impact on how smoothly the transition happens. We can provide you with a full understanding of IT assets that need to be integrated as well as any upcoming challenges and opportunities so you can fully understand the IT costs when it comes to major corporate transitions.

IT Review

Just because something worked well for you two years ago, doesn’t mean that same application is still serving you well. An IT review can help your business review your current technology infrastructure and see what’s working and what could be optimised. Enable Technology experts can do a full review of your software and hardware including costs and benefits, so you’ll have a comprehensive report of how to better align your IT with your business goals and ensure you’re getting the most value.

IT Department Improvement

Many companies have an inhouse IT department, but if its underperforming, it can drag the entire company down. We can work with you to bolster your in-house IT team and give them the support they need to be an asset to your organisation rather than a liability.

IT System Selection

It’s easy to get application overload these days. You start with one cloud platform, then add another, and another, and before you know it you have redundant systems that are inefficient. Our team of experts can help you choose solutions that make sense and that aren’t duplicating what a different program can do. We’ll also make sure your systems can integrate so you can take advantage of time and cost saving automations.

Work with a Proactive IT Provider that Cares

Enable Technology isn’t just here to perform a service for you, we’re here to help enhance your business through technology. We truly care about your success and we work to make that come through with every interaction. Let’s discuss your technology future! Call us at 0333 77 22 123 or reach us online.

Join the Enable Team

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