Learn How Microsoft 365 Can Protect Your Recruitment Firm’s Data, Users & Hardware


One of the biggest challenges to companies that collect personal data is ensuring those details stay secured and aren’t subject to be compromised in a data breach. Recruitment companies have to safeguard all types of sensitive information when it comes to recruits and the companies that they match them with.

If you don’t have a handle on the IT security of your entire technology infrastructure – desktops, mobile devices, applications – it can mean a costly data breach and devastating loss of customer trust.

t seems that at the same time data privacy regulations are getting stronger, malware attacks are also on the rise. This makes it more challenging than ever to both comply with regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and keep up with all those new “Zero-day” cyberthreats attacking businesses of all sizes. Destructive malware attacks have increased 200% so far in 2019.

If you’re an Office 365 user, you have limited security protections that help protect your data, but it falls short of helping with mobile device management or other security features. Which is why recruiting firms should consider an upgrade to Microsoft 365.

What is Microsoft 365?

You might initially wonder, “Isn’t Microsoft 365 and Office 365 the same thing?” But while they’re both Microsoft offerings, Microsoft 365 is a much more robust platform that includes Office 365, plus more data and device management and security tools. Microsoft 365 first came out in 2017 and it offers multiple benefits and tools that would cost much more if you purchased them separately.

The Microsoft 365 bundle is designed to give you all your key office productivity tools, plus help you manage a mobile work force and the security needed to keep your data safe.

The Microsoft 365 Bundle Includes:

– Office 365 Business Premium (There are also Enterprise options)
– Windows 10 Pro
– Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune
– Business apps from Office (such as Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager)
– Advanced security protection for Windows 10 and mobile devices

How Can Microsoft 365 Increase My IT Security?

Today’s offices have more moving parts than ever before and include multiple end point devices and potential risk areas for a network intrusion. Microsoft 365 is designed to address as many of those risks as possible while giving you a solution that natively integrates with the software you use every day. Here are the key security advantages of moving your recruiting company onto Microsoft 365:

Mobile Device Management and Security

More of our office work is being done via mobile device every year. That’s great for flexibility and productivity, but not so great for data security. How do you keep track of all those mobile devices that have access to your data (many of them owned by employees)? 91% of corporate employees use at least one mobile app for their work.

One of the applications that makes Microsoft 365 an excellent value is Intune, a mobile device management platform. Intune allows you to control data access over all your team’s mobile devices and has safeguards built in to protect you from a data breach due to a lost or stolen device. Intune allows you to have a master control hub for mobile devices being used for work (owned by you or your employees), giving you the ability to do things like:

– Remotely lock or wipe devices that are lost or stolen
– Create security policies that can be automatically enforced across all devices
– Log who is accessing which company applications and when
– Ensure applications are properly and automatically updated for security
– Easily administer mobile access to your data and apps from a central control panel

Advanced Threat Protection for Malware

Viruses, ransomware, trojans, and other forms of malware are a constant threat. Microsoft 365 gives you the advanced tools needed to defend your data and network against malware. You get advanced threat protection that helps protect you from the #1 method of malware delivery, phishing emails. The application also uses AI that enables it to detect Zero-Day threats, which are malware types not yet identified. Microsoft 365 also includes Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which allows you to put policies in place that give you pre-breach threat resistance for Windows 10.

Gain More Control Over Your Data

Sometimes you may have files that you don’t want duplicated by just anyone. You gain more control over the security of your files by being able designate who has access to company information through the application of restrictions such as “Do Not Copy” and “Do Not Forward.” You can also ensure that all your company-wide emails remain archived for as long as you want by enabling unlimited cloud archive and long-term preservation policies.

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