Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running by Migrating Your Business to Microsoft 365 (+6 months free!)


Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running by Migrating Your Business to Microsoft 365 (+6 months free!)

If your company is like many other UK businesses, you’ve had some unexpected and unwanted downtime during the COVID-19 quarantine. Many businesses have had to transition to run via remote employees working from home and the customer landscape has completely changed during the lockdown.

But there is some hope on the horizon. Little by little, countries are beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, and the UK government is due to shortly release a proposal on a plan to reopen when certain safety concerns have been met.

Why not use this time to make improvements to your technology that will save you money and improve efficiency?

Now is the perfect time to prepare to hit the ground running when the world reopens. A migration to Microsoft 365 can also improve your current business process efficiency and facilitate remote communications.

Plus, you can also take advantage of a generous offer Microsoft is making to support businesses during the pandemic. The company is giving 6-months for free (with annual commitment) for two of its plans, through the end of June 2020.

Advantages of Migrating to Microsoft 365 Now

It’s not uncommon for business owners to want to upgrade to a new cloud platform to improve their competitive advantage but be too busy to go through a migration.

While the pandemic has negatively impacted just about everyone on the planet, it’s also brought an opportunity when it come to upgrading your cloud infrastructure. Migrating now when you have some additional time can pay off significantly in the future.

What are some of the benefits of improving your digital infrastructure? According to Forbes:

  • 64% of “digital first” companies are more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers
  • 56% of CEOs state that technology improvements have increased their revenue
  • Businesses that are “digitally mature” are 23% more profitable than those that aren’t

The two plans that are being offered with 6-months free on annual commitment are:

  • Office 365 E1 (for more than 300 users)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic (for fewer than 300 users)

These plans come with multiple productivity tools, including:

  • Office Online (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • OneDrive
  • and more

Here are some of the business advantages they offer.

Facilitate & Secure Team Communications

One challenge when employees are working from home is keeping a cohesive communication structure in place that can also keep information secure.

Microsoft Teams gives you a powerful tool that is designed to be a main workplace hub and facilitate collaboration and communication.

Use structured chat channels to organise your communication by department, project, or client account. Within each channel you can:

  • Send real-time messages
  • Share files
  • Make audio calls
  • Make video calls

You can also forward emails to a specific channel in teams, which allows you to keep all communication trails in the same place and securely stored where they’re accessible when needed.

Teams also includes built in privacy settings to secure certain types of communications, which improves data handling when employees are working in multiple locations.

Share Information in a More Dynamic Way

How many times a month does your HR department get asked to email the same information to employees, such as time-off request forms? Image an internal mini website that employees could access via a browser and download whichever forms or information they needed anytime. And that information could be easily kept updated.

You don’t need a special web designer to make that happen, it’s a native feature of SharePoint Online, another tool that comes with Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

SharePoint enables information sharing in a dynamic way that engages people and makes it simple for departments, project leads, or business owners to share information with their employees and others.

Keep Your Files Secure and Easily Accessible

Something that can happen when you have employees working from different locations, or even if they’re in the same office, is that files are saved in multiple places.

You’re at higher risk for data loss if you don’t have a centralised location for your files that can easily be backed up. Another problem with files being spread out over multiple employee computers is that vital information might not be accessible to everyone that needs it.

OneDrive cloud file storage makes it easy for everyone to save files online and access them when needed on their device. You ensure all your data is stored securely and can keep an organised file structure even if everyone is working from home

Take Better Care of Your Customers

While the tools in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 can definitely power your team productivity and collaboration, they can also help you better communicate with your customers.

Teams allows you to invite guest users, making it simple to facilitate client video meetings or create a dedicated messaging channel for an important customer.

Using a SharePoint Communication Site, you can create industry or client specific information portals. This allows you to make targeted product information available in a visually pleasing format and at a single link.

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