Staying Connected with Remote Workers


With so many businesses implementing remote working policies at such short notice, we thought it would be useful to share some helpful tips on how best to use tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack to maximise effectiveness and inclusivity.

During these uncertain times we hope these help you ensure business continuity and make the remote feel a little less.. remote.

  • All staff should have headsets and webcams – this should be compulsory
  • Hold regular, daily team video call meetings. Microsoft Teams, for instance, allows you up to 50 participants
  • It should be mandatory for everyone to have their camera on, but people with background noise they can’t control (i.e. fighting kids!) should mute their mics
  • All staff should make use of the Status bar – updated regularly with a ‘What I’m working on’ message
  • Likewise, everyone should ensure their ‘Prescence indicator’ (the Green/Red/Orange icon..) is set to show when they are online and working, or have stepped away
  • Replace client face to face meetings with video conference meetings, not more emails
  • Most of us will be in the same boat, share some of your home life with your network – pets work best!
  • Or.. if you’d prefer a little privacy, look for the ‘blur my background’ feature in Teams. This looks great too.
  • Take advantage of some of the features that you can’t do in an ordinary meeting:
    • make use of the comments bar for team members feedback or questions
    • share your content when presenting or discussing a report. (Protip – share just the application rather than the full screen. This looks nicer for other people but also allows you to review your own notes in confidence)
    • Teams includes a neat ‘Whiteboard’ feature allowing freehand drawing and collaboration
  • Promote the use of a Random channel for (clean) jokes and non work related stuff

Further to the above we feel at this time it’s more important than ever to ensure everyone practices vigilance in terms of IT Security.

With many people at home and on personal devices their awareness of potential threats such as phishing or unsolicited phone calls will be crucial in ensuring data is kept secure.

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